Here is a selection of resources that can be used alongside the Science Guide to further explore the topics that are examined in the Silent Signal animations.


The research behind AfterGlow

Oxitec is an Oxfordshire biotech company that has developed ways to control insects like mosquitoes that spread disease and damage crops that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

As part of a presentation at a Royal Society Summer Exhibition they produced an online simulation of one such method based on releasing genetically modified insects

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge have produced some excellent downloadable resources

The Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Institute (MLW) malaria research programme

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The Gates Foundation has a huge selection of excellent resources on malaria


An excellent article about the research into the effects of sleep on mental health by Professor Russell Foster

A look at lack of sleep as a public health concern from the Centre of Disease Control

SciShow’s review of circadian rhythms and the body clock

Why Do We Sleep? – Professor Russell Foster’s excellent TedTalk


Manchester Immunology Group’s resources

Glasgow Science Centre has an online game in which players seek to stem the spread of the flu virus

The Centre of the Cell have lots of resources

The ABPI educational resource has pages on immunity and vaccinations

A download of a thorough but accessible review of the immune system and how it works

This game gives instructions for an active classroom simulation of the spread of infection and works well with a larger number of students

A good online simulation of the effectiveness of vaccination in stopping the spread of disease

Scientific arguments to tackle anti-vaccination stand points in discussion groups


Some classroom resources on DNA sequencing technology