Silent Signal collaborators at London LASER

Tuesday 17 November, 6:30 – 9pm | University Of Westminster, London

Scientific Advisor Bentley Crudgington will provide an overview to introduce the central themes running through the project and how these manifest before looking at two works in more detail.

Eric Schockmel will discuss his collaboration with immunologist Dr Megan MacLeod, Immunecraft; a fictional game which gives users agency over a real life cell culture to compete against opponent players, and explores the parallels between popular gameplay mechanics and human immunity in the age of DNA building blocks, printable organic electronics and biohacking, raising questions about bioethics.

boredomresearch in discussion with Dr Paddy Brock, mathematical modeller at the University of Glasgow, will present their research from AfterGlow. A collaborative project combining a contemporary artistic use of computer simulation with current research from ecology and epidemiology. This talk considers the importance of abstraction in both art and science and the potential for artistic expressions to extend current scientific representation.

Plus artist Paddy Hartley will present his new work Papaver rhoeas, a visceral memorial.

The event is free but booking is required.

LASER is a program of evening gatherings, which bring together eclectic guest speakers working at the intersections of art, science and technology. Free of charge and open to the public, London LASER encourages lively discussion in an informal academic setting.

London LASER is hosted by University of the Arts London (Central Saint Martins MA Art and Science, and LENS) and University of Westminster (Imaging Art and Science programmes, and CREAM), in association with Leonardo/ISAST (the International Society for Art, Science and Technology). London LASER is chaired by Heather Barnett. LASER is a project of Leonardo® /ISAST.