Un-encrypting Fear Update

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I have been developing the script and honing the language used in Un-Encrypting Fear, this includes developing the voice of the narrators. The film will be narrated by a hybrid computing machine located somewhere inside a parallel present, inside a data centre, within the code space. I have also developed a second narrator voice which embellishes the voiceover with sung lines from a machinic vocoded entity, creating a rhythm to the film’s delivery.

The film will be narrated from the perspective of a machine wanting to improve the coding operations of plants, animals and humans with a view on the potential of future biomolecular computing machines that can self replicate, monitor, repair and fuse with cells.

I have also developed the visual identity further, creating a new storyboard incorporating animated material and composited layered screens of different coding animations. I have also begun sourcing all of the source material and I will soon begin filming and creating some initial edits.

Charlie Tweed, December 2014